Tues. July 2/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday, July 2/15


Gospel: Mark 12:13... we read that some Pharisees came to Jesus to trap him in what he said. First of all, they start to praise Jesus for being such a wonderful man so honest and truthful. Then he asked a loaded question, ”should we or should we not pay taxes to the Emperor?. Now if Jesus answered no he would be in trouble with civil authorities, if he said yes he would be in trouble with the religious authorities, and either way you was going to lose. However, Jesus outsmarted the questioner by asking for a coin and pointed to the emperors head and title and they answer the emperors. Then Jesus really show their hypocrisy when he said to them “give to the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor and give to God what belongs to God”. With this response from Jesus he was able to stand his position very clearly and left the Pharisees with the conundrum of not finding anything to accuse Jesus of our way of a crime.


Reflection: do you find a tension between giving to God what belongs to God and giving to the world what belongs to the world?


Prayer: Gracious God, I know I live in a world where there is tension between what I am to give to God by way of love and service and what I am called upon to give to governments and civil society. I pray for the grace of God that I do not compromise my conscience by giving to society what really belongs to God. Amen