Friday, May 29/15


Daily reflections: Friday: May 29/15


Gospel: Mark 11:11... in this particular Gospel Jesus brings up a topic which was imported in his day and is equally important in our day. We read, “whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone”. With these words Jesus focused on one of the most important thing for one\'s own personal health and well-being and for the healing and transformation of relationships.... forgiveness! Some people nurse hurt feelings and so keep themselves angry and upset, some people are too hardhearted to forgive and so relationships cannot be reconciled, some people live year after year with resentment and bitterness because he refused to forgive some one or refused to forgive themselves for their mistakes. Hanging on to unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, and anger is what we call stewing in your own juice. It is very unhealthy. When we forgive other people ,first, it is best for ourself and secondly it releases the other person from the bond of our unforgiveness.


Reflection: do you find yourself caring some element of unforgiveness?


Prayer: When I read the Gospels I see that Jesus had a forgiving heart and he never did take offense do to the criticism of the anger directed at him by some people. I pray for a forgiving heart and a heart that is strong enough in love that I do not take offense and as a result will not need to forgive myself or anybody else and so have peace of mind. Amen