Thursday, May 28/15


Daily reflections: Thursday, May 28/15


Gospel Mark 10:46... we know that many parts of the Gospel are story, sacred story, a metaphor, and it\'s only when we treated this way that we get the true meaning of the stories of Jesus. In today\'s Scripture reading Bartimaeus, a blind man approaches Jesus and Jesus asked him what do you want? And the blind man said to Jesus, let me see again. Jesus said to him, your faith has made you well. A blind man regained his sight and followed Jesus. We can take this as a physical healing and there is nothing wrong with doing this, however there is another kind of yearly that is more important, and that is a healing of the man\'s inner eyes so that he can see Jesus in that beautiful story that Jesus giving to those who can really see him. When we struggle with some kind of a problem and someone gives us the answer we are apt to say, “now I see it” which simply means I get. As we go through life in Singapore can then be like the blind man, and that is to see more clearly and understand more clearly the teachings in the way of Jesus somewhere able to embrace that more fully and live a life of integrity and beauty.


Reflection: do you feel a desire to see more clearly what it means to be a follower of Jesus?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, the Spirit enabled you to open your eyes and heart so that you can see the possibility of the kingdom of God here on earth. As a result you were able to teach the way of God for those who would  be able to see and to choose a new life. I pray that my desire to see more clearly will always be a part of my faith journey as I journey through life. Amen