Weds. May 27/15


 Wednesday: May 27/15


Gospel: Mark 10:3 2... Jesus was very sensitive to pick up vibrations and the feelings of those who were surrounded. He\'s walking along the road with his friends and he can feel the fear that they are experiencing. Jesus does not ignore. He names it and asks the question of his disciples,”why are you afraid?”. He then tells him the story that they are going up to Jerusalem where he will be arrested, put on trial, and condemned to death. If anybody was to be afraid it should be Jesus when he demonstrates during this journey and his arrival in Jerusalem, that while he does experience fear in the agony in the garden he still finds a grace and courage to put his trust in God. Intuition told Jesus that he would be crucified but that is as far as it went. Jesus had no idea that there would be some kind of resurrection into God\'s divine embrace. Fear is a very common human experience... fear the future, fear of people, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, etc. and the main message that Jesus teaches us is to acknowledge the fear and to put our trust in God. Julian of Norwich said,” all will be well, all will be well, in the end all manner of things will be well. And I say, “if things are not well yet been we have not reached the end.”


: reflection: do the words that Jesus or Julian of Norwich help you when you experience fear?


Prayer: Jesus, you are just as human as we are and experienced fear as a normal human experience. At the same time, you worked your way through the fear by putting your absolute trust in God and a conviction that God would deliver you in the end. And God did. So I ask you for the absolute conviction that in the face of fear I will be able to will deliver me from fear in the end. Amen