Tuesday,May 25/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: May 27/15


Gospel: Mark 10:28... Peter asks Jesus the question based on his constant companionship, he wants to know, what\'s in it for me? If we reflect on this question for a moment we realize that Peter while proclaiming to love Jesus and would follow him at the same time he is looking for reward of some kind. Peter also tells Jesus that he has left everything  his home, his business, his family, his former way of life in order to journey with Jesus, so what\'s in it for him? Basically Jesus tells him that there is nothing in it for him... no wealth, no comfort, no easy life, and raising only thing he had looked forward to was persecution. Not a very attractive offer from Jesus to Peter.. They Jesus puts things in perspective by saying, “many who are first will be last, and the last we\'ll be first.”By this statement Jesus turning life inside out and upside down and Peter will have to ponder this for the rest of his life in order for it to make any sense to him.


Reflection: you choose to be last or do you strive to be first?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, and also show is that if you continued your ministry you found a place called last is from this place of last night you started a movement that is still active today in the lives of millions of people. You\'ve shown is very clearly that humility trumps pride and greed and popularity. I pray that the Spirit will always guide me, I can live a life like Jesus and be willing to take the last-place. Amen