Thursday, May 21/15


Daily reflections: Thursday, May 21/15


Scripture :Acts 22:30... again we read about the missionary journey of Paul who has now arrived in Jerusalem. We redesigned you start up the crowd against Paul, but please came after rest of Paul and put him in jail. Paul was very smart because when the Pharisees and the Sadducees came out against him he spoke about the resurrection as a result the Pharisees of Sadducees ended up fighting among themselves. The world became so violent that the police arrest  Paul and take him  into safety. Paul was a Spirit person and well tuned into the Holy Spirit and so we read: “that night the Lord stood near him and said keep up your courage! So you must bear witness also in Rome”. Paul appeals to Caesar as the authorities are forced to send him to Rome and it is in Rome were all established the new Christian community and as we all know what we came the headquarters work out the church. It was in Rome that Paul was of martyred.


Reflection: this story shows us that God brought good out of evil... has this ever happened to you?


Prayer: As I read about the missionary journeys of Paul I see the hand of God in his story. So as I look  back over my journey and my story I too can see that hand of God. At times I experienced setbacks and apparent failure and yet many those setbacks and failures became a turning point in my life and I now see them as a blessing. This has reminded me that the Spirit has been active in my life and for that I\'m deeply grateful. Amen