Weds. May 20/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: May 20/15


Scripter: Acts 20:28... we are now reading about the missionary journeys of St. Paul established faith communities in the Middle East and in today\'s reading is heading to Jerusalem but first he will visit Ephesus and say goodbye to his good friends there. Here he gives them a warning saying to them: “keep watch over yourselves and overall the flock, I wish the whole experience made you overseers to shepherd the Church of God. Paul is telling the overseers that they have now been fully commit as leaders of the faith community and are therefore to be very diligent in their pastoral work so that church will flouish. He tell them that after he has moved on savage wolves with common among you not sparing the flock. Those savage wolves will be people who distort the truth, cause disagreement and conflict, and disrupt any kind of peaceful life of the community. As he says goodbye to the people of Ephesus there is a great shedding of tears because they know they will never see St. Paul again.


Reflection: do you see signs of this scripture being lived out in our church today?


Prayer: As I reflect on the scripture passage I can see that the very things that Paul warned the early Christians about  is happening in our place and time today. It also reminds me that as a Spirit person I must avoid the negativity and put out only positive energy in order to build up the body of Christ, the Church. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to enlighten me and to inspire me to speak words of wisdom and perform actions of kindness which will build up the Church in my time and place. Amen