Tuesday, May19/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: May 19/15


Scripter: Acts 20:17... in yesterday\'s reading and today we are following the footsteps of Paul who have become a great disciple of Jesus and his way is going from village to village and town to town to tell people about Jesus and his new way of living life. Paul tells them that he has been following the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the fact that his words are taken root in their hearts is in fact the work of the Spirit. Paul then tells them that he is going to Jerusalem and they will not see him again because he does not know what awaits him in Jerusalem. He reminds them that they made their own decision to be a believer and to choose Jesus and his way of life at night is not be held responsible if and when they are persecuted. We read,”I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God “. This reminds me that the Holy Spirit is present and active in the lives of people today and helping them to see the value of being in disciple of Jesus and choosing the Christian way of living. However, Christianity is far more than a believe system or a group of rules , rather it is freely chosen way of living that is guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit. When this happens we see the fruits of the Spirit in a persons life and in a faith community.


Reflection: what is the fruit of the spirit you see most constantly in your way of life?


Prayer: I read that Paul was very faithful to his mission even though he suffered from imprisonment, being run out of town and beaten, and other kinds of suffering  yet Paul did not weaken the remained faithful and he knew his fidelity came from the power of the Spirit. I have become aware of that as I struggle to be a faithful follower of Jesus I cannot do this without the inspiration and the power of the Holy Spirit living in my heart and soul. Amen