Thuresday, May 14/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: May 14/15


Scripter: Acts 1:15... the first apostles were missing Judas and felt they had to find a replacement and you may find it strange that first the prayer and then they cast lots to choose between Barsabbas and Matthias. It may seem strange to us that they would resort to casting the sea would get the short straw and the short straw fell to Mathias and he was added to the 11 apostles. The important thing here is that the first part of the Holy Spirit tossing that the Spirit would answer their prayers and the right person would be chosen. They did not busy themselves to weighing the pros and cons of the two men rather they trusted that the Spirit would show them which one was right for the task.. And Matthias was chosen and proved to be the right one to carry on the story of Jesus. It seems that we all do well to pray for the Holy Spirit for enlightenment when we are faced with making decisions that could affect our life and the lives of other people.


Reflects: do you find yourself turning to the Holy Spirit to receive enlightenment before you make important decisions?


Prayer: This story reminds me of how important it is to trust the Holy Spirit in making choices and decisions in my life which will effect the lives of others. The Holy Spirit was surely  open our hearts to see which is the right and the best choice or decision to be made for ourselves and for others. Amen