Weds. May 13


Daily reflections: Wednesday: May 13/15


Scripture: Acts 17:15... in this reading Paul recedes a teachable moment and uses it for the good of the people and the kingdom of God. He is walking through Athens and he sees a monument with the inscription; “to an unknown God” and Paul uses this memorial to tell the people that God is knowable and he is prepared to teach them about God.. The people listened to his teaching as he goes back to the beginning as he notes in and tell the story about Jesus. He also tells them that God is not a distant God but a God who dwells within  them and all around them. We read “in God we live and move and have our being”. This is a very important teaching by Paul... that the incarnation was not just about Jesus but also every human being and all of creation is permeated with the spirit of the living God. Unfortunately, over the centuries real loss this teaching. Teachers of religion up would\'ve gone up in the sky, a distant God, a God of requirements, a punitive God. Today, many Christian writers, preachers and teachers of religion are once more grasping the teaching of Jesus that God is not a distant God and God is not a God our requirements of the God of unconditional love will is within us and among us. When we consider this teaching of Jesus we realize all of creation is sacred and in the family are all brothers and sisters.


Reflection: are you comparable with the idea that you living God and God lives in you now?


Prayer: Gracious God, this is a beautiful teaching that we live in you and you live in us and that you are not a God of requirements by God of unconditional love for all of creation and for all humans. I trust in the Holy Spirit that we will internalize this teaching and  appreciate that I am  and other people of the world , are all God Carriers and that we are loved unconditionally by this God of ours. This is the good news of Jesus. Amen