May 11/15 Monday


Daily Reflection: Monday, May 11/15


Scipture: Acts....Now we begin to read about the journeys of Paul as he is led by the Spirit.One day he went down to the river where people had gatahered to pray and he taught them. A woman named Lydia listened to him and touched by the Spirit she asked to be baptized. Paul consented and she and her household were all baptized and the invited Jesus to come and stay at her house while he was in the city.The Spirit moved her to invite and to receive Paul into her home so that he would be free to do his ministry.


Reflection...does the Spirit ever move you to invite a person in for a meal?


Prayer. I see that the Spirit motives people to be welcoming to others in need. I pray that the Spirit will show me where I can be welcoming to people just as Jesus did. Amen




Note. My sister is ill so I might not be able to put a reflection on every day.