Thursday, May 7/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: May 7/15


Scripture: Acts 15:7... we read that some of the elders and apostles question whether they should offer Christianity to the Gentiles and if they do should the Gentiles be required to obey all the additional Jewish laws. Peter plays a major role in this discussion. He tells him about where he is seen as signs of the spirit working in the lives of Christians, that they have received the Holy Spirit, and it is clear that God does not make a distinction between Jews and gentiles. He said to the leaders:”why are you putting God to the test by placing on the neck of the disciples that neither your ancestors nor how we been able to bear?”The words of Peter made the leaders see clearly that God was calling of the Gentiles as well as the Jewish people into his kingdom and they were not without laws which would prevent this from happening.


Reflection: do you see where religion puts up laws which discriminate against certain person or groups of people?


Prayer: God of unity, we know that you want a people united and living in harmony with one another so that all can be one and free of divisions. I pray that I can be a unifying factor and force to bring this about in my time and place. As the early Christians trusted the Holy Spirit so do I trust the Holy Spirit today. Amen