Weds., May v6/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: May 6/15


Scripture: Acts 15:1... it is by reading the acts of the apostles that we gained some insight into the blessings and the struggles of the very first Christians. On the one hand, we read that the Gentiles were converted to Christianity, on the other hand, they were facing terrible persecution. Also, since the Christians were exploring a whole new role of faith they are our role as questions about practice. Some of the more traditional ones insisted that they follow almost in their practices. Others, that they should be able to explore new ways and were not really rejecting the traditions. Paul and Barnabas were appointed to go up to Jerusalem and consult with the leaders because they saw Jerusalem as their headquarters for the infant Church. We read, “the apostles and elders met the other consider this matter.” Tomorrow, I will write about the outcome of this meeting.


Reflection: today we see the same kind of a struggle between those who insist on tradition and those who are pushing for an emerging new church... what do you think?


Prayer: Gracious God, we see that human nature is the same today as it was 2000 years ago... Christians are still questioning, disagreeing, and in some places even in conflict. This is a sign of an emerging church that still carry some of the tradition and also is breaking new ground on how to live Christianity in the 21st century. There is tension, however if we turn to prayer, the Holy Spirit will certainly lead us into a new future for Christianity and the Church. Amen