Friday, May 1/15


Daily reflections: Friday: May 1/15


Scripture: Acts: 13:26... as you read the acts of the apostles you see that very often they make reference to Jesus fulfilling Old Testament prophecies and focusing people\'s attention on the resurrection. In today\'s reading Paul writes that Jesus did not do anything wrong but he was a very criticize by those he upset and eventually they had their way and he was crucified. That was not the end of the story... there followed the resurrection, we re-, “God raised him from the dead, and for many days he appeared to those up with him from Galilee to Jerusalem.” As St. Paul wrote in another place, “if Christ be not raised from the dead then our faith is in vain.” Paul wanted the early Christians to understand , that being people other resurrection they could live with hope, never be discouraged by opposition or criticism, the Holy Spirit would provide them with the enlightement and encourage to live a life that manifested resurrection. It\'s important for followers of Jesus today remember that they are people on the resurrection and are called on to live the resurrection life, that is, a life that is lived similar to the way of Jesus by way of compassion, integrity, and justice.


Reflection: do you see how the Holy Spirit is making a difference in the way you live?


Prayer: In the Creed we say, I believe in the resurrection, and as I grow in my understanding of what it means to be people of the resurrection I realize what a wonderful life it really could. It was the Spirit who powered the early Christians to live the resurrection life and it is the Spirit who will empower the modern-day Christians live the resurrected life. Come Holy Spirit and transform my mind and heart so that I might live the resurrected life each day. Amen