Weds. April 29/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: April 29/15


Scripture Acts 12:24... the faith story then read about in the Scripture shows us the rapid spread of Christianity to the world of their time, to Asia and Asia minor and eventually even further on the way to Rome and of course across the oceans to many other countries. This was the beginning of her great move for that took place out of Jerusalem as a spirit led the early friends of Jesus to journey across their land and show that Christianity was for the Jewish people as they wish and also for the Gentile. This is a new kind of happening. In today\'s reading we find that they need to realize that the Spirit telling them to anoint Barnabas and Saul and send them off to the various towns and villages to tell the people about Jesus, to explain the way of life that Jesus spoke of, and to offer them baptism into wish to belong to this new movement. In those towns they went to the synagogues to teach the Jewish people and they also welcome gentiles into their midst.


Reflection: this is a story of the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit... you experience a Holy Spirit strictly you to be a part of the movement today?


Prayer: Holy Spirit, we read of the way in which you empowered and inspired the early friends of Jesus to go out and proclaim the good news and to let them know about Jesus and a new way of living. I pray that I will be like the early disciples, along with many other people, who will follow the example of the early. Amen