Tuesday, April 27/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: April 28 15


Scripture: Acts: 11:19... in this passage we see that at first the disciples went to the Jewish people and spoke to them about Jesus. At the same time the friends of Jesus were being persecuted by the Roman empire. The friends of Jesus in Jerusalem heard that Gentiles were seeking out someone tell about Jesus and his way. The leaders sent Barnabas to Antioch and he saw how the grace of God was working in the lives people. Barnabas brought Paul to Antioch and they spent a whole year teaching and instructing the new converts to Christianity. It was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians.


Reflection: do you have the desire to read the word of God with the same desire of the people of Antioch?


Prayer: This story shows me that the Holy Spirit is free to breathe on who it will, both friends of Jesus and those who are not yet ready. Today in our world people of all religions are breaking out of the box a narrow view of religion and are building bridge between people of various racial and religious persuasion. I pray that I can see the work of the Holy Spirit in our world does not just in the  people here but also around the world. I have decided I will do my best to be a part of this new movement of the Spirit. Amen