Monday, April 27/15


Daily reflections: Monday: April 27/15


Scripture: Acts 11:1... this is a wonderful story of how the Holy Spirit change the mind of. Peter, what they don\'t follow Jesus, still lived with a bias against those who are not Christian. In this reading Peter tells about a dream he had with change his mind in a very big manner. In my dream I saw an angel lowering a container with different, offered in my tradition the Jewish people. They don\'t call him to eat foods and said to Peter, what God has made clean, you must not call profane. At that moment strangers arrived at the door, their master had also received a dream that he should send for Peter and asked Peter to be his home. When he did the Spirit came upon them all and Peter realized that in the eyes of God the Gentiles really bad ties to welcome into the Christian community. So Peter baptized the people of that household and this was a breakthrough for a minute now that Christian community would accept not only the Jewish people but also Gentiles.


Reflection: have you experienced the Holy Spirit moving you to welcome somebody who is considered the other?


Prayer: God of the universe, we know that in your eyes all the people of the world are one, one family of God. Yet people separate themselves and sometimes practice discrimination and refuse to befriend other people. I pray that the Spirit of God will open my mind and heart that I will never separate or discriminate against another person or a group of people. Amen