Friday, April 24/15


Daily reflections: Friday, April 24/15


Scripture: Acts 9:1... this story is very similar to the man who wrote the song Amazing Grace, we read the words,” I was blind but now I see.”It is a story of a Jew named Saul who persecuted the early Christians while on the road to Damascus to arrest Christians in some kind of mystical experience and he is enlightened to realize that he is persecuting the body of Christ. He becomes blind. Ananias has a vision whereby he is instructed to go the Saul administered to him. Ananias knows that Saul persecuted many Christians and he questions himself, does this instruction really come from God? Ananias is faithful and he goes to Saul and prayed over him, “Brother Saul has sent me to you that you may regain your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit”. Immediately the scales fell from his eyes and he saw the truth of Jesus and he changed his name from Saul to Paul. Paul went to the synagogue and preach to the people that Jesus is the son of God. He who first persecuted the Christians now becomes a great Christian missionary converting many people in various towns of the Middle East


Reflect: have you ever felt called by God to do something which you didn\'t think made sense?


Prayer: Gracious God, at times I have felt called to do something or say something was just didn\'t seem right to me. However, I trusted in the guidance of the Spirit to give me the right words to say and the right actions to do that I might be faithful to your will. I pray that you will continue to give me the grace I need to hear and trust your call to me. Amen