Thursday, April 23/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: April 23/15


Scripture: Acts 8:26... here we continue the story of Phillips journey. He see that a Ethiopia is reading the prophet Isaiah and the Spirit said to Philip go and join the Ethiopia. He does this, Ethiopia asks for an explanation of the Scriptures, Philip gives him an explanation, and be healed when asked to be baptized because the word of God as all of his mind and heart to the truth of Jesus and his message and his vision. Phillip asked him one question, do you believe in your heart? The Ethiopia replied, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God.” With this confession of faith Phillip then baptize the Ethiopia and they went on their way.


Reflection: Phillip followed the inspiration of the Spirit and did a good deed... do you?


Prayer: Today I admire the courage and the spontaneity of Phillip who followed the inspiration of the Spirit. It reminds me that I do must be alert and follow the inspirations of the Spirit then I will really accomplish God\'s will by doing so and it will bring blessings to many people. Amen