Weds., April 22/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: April 22:/15


Scripture: Acts :8:1... this Scripture continues from yesterday is the story of Stephen and his martyrdom. Steve is preaching led to his death. Another disciple,


Philip went to Samaria and proclaim the Messiah to them. Other people Samaria listen to Philip and they were open and receptive to his teaching about Jesus and the Messiah. Unlike Stephen who was put to death Philip is accepted and people believe in his message and become active disciples. Not only did he preach and teach but he also cured the sick and drove out demons, not only did the people believe that there was great joy in that city. Stephen died in early martyrdom and Philip was loved and accepted with great joy by the people. What a difference!


Reflection: do you experience great joy amongst Christian people today?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, we read that Stephen and Philip both will claim the good news to the people, on the one hand people rejected Stephen and killed him and people accepted Philip and became faithful followers. Today, we need more and more people like ourselves to be a witness and attract people to Jesus and his way of life. Amen