Monday,April 20/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: April 21/15


Scripture Acts 5:51... this piece of Scripture continues the story from yesterday where Stephen is confronted by the religious authorities will become very angry with him on what he says are telling him to be quiet and not mention the name of Jesus. Steve replied: “you stiff necked people... are forever opposing the Holy Spirit, just as your ancestors did”. Sometimes, people still use that term stiff neck people when they run into people who are very narrow-minded and are unwilling and unable to load up their minds and consider an alternative. We see much of this and people of the church who are often called conservative but in reality they are stiff neck people and simply will not entertain any fresh ideas or thoughts about the religion. Yesterday\'s gospel tells us that Jesus over the minds of people after referring to the Scriptures and the power of the word of God.


Reflection: what is your experience with stiff neck people, or narrow-minded people?


Prayer: The message I get today from the Scripture that only the Scripture we read and reflected on is able to bring to me, and to, people and open mind, and it is overlying that enables us to look at and internalize new ideas about religion. Stephen said for those remaining narrow-minded they are resisting the Holy Spirit. I pray I\'ll be deceptive to the Holy Spirit to come into my mind and heart and give me the desire for growth and transformation. Amen