Monday, April 20/15


Daily reflections: Monday: April 20/15


Scripture: Acts 6:8... in this Scripture passage we once more see the narrow minds of many of the authorities after the resurrection. Stephen, a friend of Jesus was mine has been opened and his eyes are able to see the true meaning of Jesus and his teachings and is now turned into a teacher of the way of Jesus. People who are upset with Stephen bring false charges against him, just as what happened with Jesus, however, as Jesus did before his accusers when they looked at his face he saw his love radiating out while we were there and, “they saw his face was like the face of an angel”. However, I dedicated to reading this passage you find out the crowd came against Stephen and stoned him to death. One of the bystanders was a Pharisee named Saul, who is based in a converted to Christianity and would take the name of Paul. Down through the ages many people who read the letters of Paul in an inspired the faithful disciples of Jesus.


Reflection: do you ever see people being stoned by harsh words or  rash judgments... and if so, you remain silent?


Prayer Gracious God, we see the great courage of Stephen to speak the truth to power knowing he ran a great risk of being condemned to death just as Jesus was. As our world becomes more and more godless meaning many people like Stephen who speaks the truth to power knowing that there is a risk of judgment and condemnation. Amen