Friday April 17/15


Daily reflections: Friday: April 17/15


Scripture:  Acts of the Apostles:... the Acts was the story of how the early Christians, friends of Jesus, struggle to make something out of the resurrection and the Jesus story. The authorities were tired of hearing them talk about Jesus and they always threaten the apostles if they did not stop doing it. In today\'s reading a Pharisee named Gamaliel gives a chief priests and the warning against continuing to persecute the friends of Jesus and he said to them, “leave these men alone. If their plan is on human origin, it will fail; but if it is God, you will not overthrow them, in that case you may even be found fighting against God “. Apparently he was right because Christianity, the movement began by the friends of Jesus, is still alive and well today even though we have to struggle to bring that vision of Jesus, the church, into the 21st century. This will happen when people who love God and Jesus, love the church, take time to learn the universe story and the Gospel story and bring the two together as one. What is most important here is that people become well aware of the well-educated on the universe story and then they are able to structure a belief system which will give life and hope to people of the 21st century.


Reflection does the Spirit inspire you to learn more about the universe story and how to make universe story and the Gospel story into one?


PrayerWe know that the Spirit inspired those early Christians to enter into the struggle of defining what the movement should be and in the face of persecution to put their time and energy into forming a new movement of the love of God and Jesus. Today, to bring together the universe story and the Gospel story we need men and women are inspired by the Spirit will learn well both stories and bring them together as one for the people of God. We pray. Amen