Thursday, April 16/15


Daily reflection: Thursday: April 16/15


Scripture: Acts 5: 27... in the Acts of the apostles we learn something about the evolution of the early Church as Peter and the disciples began to preach and teach in the temple. The high priests was threatened by Jesus and the high priest is threatened by Peter and so Peter and the disciples are arrested and brought before the high priest and they were totally silent and they were threatened. However, Peter would not be silenced by threat and fear. We read that Peter said, “we must obey God rather than human authority.” All during the Roman persecution of the disciples Jesus and the disciples obeyed God even the extent of losing my life. Some historians have written, the blood of the martyrs became the seed of faith because in spite of the persecution more and more people were attracted to Christianity and Christian communities continue to grow. To okay God in the face of such risk and persecution speaks well of the deep faith of the people and their courage in the face of adversity.


Reflection: has there been a time when obedience to God cost you?


Prayer: Jesus, we read about that faith and courage of Peter and the disciples and the many Christians were martyred during the persecutions. We are not being persecuted today and yet many Christians are silent out of fear of the cost, even the loss of friendship, loss of popularity, the loss of face. I pray that I, and the Christians today, will use the grace of God in order to have the courage to obey God and not human authority. Amen