Monday, April 13/15


The daily reflection: Monday: April 13/15


Gospel John 3:1... we read in this gospel that Nicodemus came to talk to Jesus, and he had a question to put before Jesus. Nicodemus refer to the great signs that Jesus did and he was wondering why was all about. Then Jesus surprised him when he said, “no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above”. From this statement came the whole idea of rebirth, of being born again, Nicodemus, as well as people today, wrestle with what Jesus might have met by being born again. One interpretation of this is that rebirth means basing one\'s ego, false self, in order to discover and give birth to the true self. The false self lives with illusions, with false desire for control, dominance, superiority, and this entry covers up one’s insecurity. It is by the grace of God that we are able to come to know and identify our false self , our illusions, the demands of our ego so we have come to terms with them not allow them to control our life. This then sets us free to look the part and discover true self and bring that true self into consciousness and it is by bringing the true self into consciousness that we are reborn, and are able to live with our true selves instead of our fault self.


Reflection:  have you come to know your true self?


Prayer: Jesus, your words speak to me and tells me to come to know my false self and by challenging my false self to discover my true self and to live from my center, from my heart, and live without any pretense. Amen