Friday, April 10/15


Daily reflections: Friday: April 10/15


Gospel: John 21:1... John\'s Gospel continues the story on the resurrection of Jesus into the Christ, the cosmic Christ. Many of these resurrection stories are centered around a meal and food. The reason they is a story at all here and the disciples fishing all night and not catching any fish. As the boat comes ashore in the morning the risen Christ tells him simply to drop their nets on the other side of the boat, they didn\'t, and they caught a large catch a fish. When Peter and the disciples came ashore Jesus is having a fish fry ready for them and invites them to come and eat. One other disciples wanted to ask,”who are you? But he was afraid to do so. We read a Jesus then took bread and fish again into disciples to eat. To the action of being given food to eat the rise for all of them may recognize the presence of Christ. That is their resurrection story. So many resurrection stories center around food given and food eaten and eyes being open to recognize the risen Lord.


Reflection: do you remember eating a meal when your eyes were open to see something that you never saw before?


Prayer: I pray that the Spirit will open my eyes that I might see the presence of lower in all the actions of my life and that this will happen primarily at the eating of a meal with family and friends. Amen