Monday, March 30/15


Daily reflections Monday, March 30/15


Gospel: John 12:1... on this Monday of holy week John writes that six days before Passover Jesus went to visit Martha and Mary and Lazarus whom he raised from the dead. We read that Mary anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped them with her hair. Judas, one who would betray him, complained because he said this was a waste of money which might have been given to the poor. Jesus it,” you always have the poor with you” and truer words were never spoken. Down through the centuries and even today, here in every country in the world have their poor. It is so unjust because so many people have much more than they need while at the same time there are many who are hungry, who are poor, and are suffering. However, this is not a total waste because it means that we, mindful of the way of Jesus, see Jesus in the poor, and contribute time, talent, and treasure to alleviate their suffering. What this does for us is that he heals us of ourselves and our attachment to things. While the poor need us we need the poor for our own spiritual growth and conversion. Looked at from this point of view we see that the poor are pressing for us.


Reflection: has the poor been a blessing for you?


Prayer: Jesus, your words about the poor were truly prophetic as in the past and today there are so many poor and so many wealthy. However I realize that the poor can be a blessing for me because it exposes my attachments, my selfishness, and perhaps greed. I intend to see the poor and attribute to their well-being by sharing my talent, time, and treasure. Amen