Friday, March 27/15


Daily reflections: Friday: March 27/15


Gospel: John 10:31... things are heating up for Jesus, the powers of darkness are arising against him and we read that the Jews took up stones to stone him. And Jesus asked them, for what good works which I have done are you ready to stone me? There may complaint was that he made himself to be God and further he added ,”is it not written in your law, “I said you are gods”? It\'s only in the last few years that Scripture scholars, and others teachers of religion, have been able to read the Scriptures with a new eye and not taken the Scriptures literally are able to proclaim that of all people are gods in this insect God wells within the heart of every human being. In the Acts we read, “in God we live and move and have our being”. Reading scripture and study evolution we reach the real isolation divine presence is embodied in all of creation, all is the Body of God, it is the invisible become invisible, it is the Spirit living in matter, many of the people who heard Jesus could not understand the meaning of his message, just as many people cannot see the meaning of his message today. For those who are able to see it, to become aware of it, and enables them to see and deliver the awareness that each person is gone become human, along with all of creation, we are the Body of God.


Reflection: what you think of the words of Jesus, “I said you are gods”?


Prayer: Jesus, when we understand the meaning of the Scriptures we find good news which is very hard to comprehend and to see. I know that I need new eyes in order to see the meaning of your words and the impact of the meeting on the way I live. I pray for new eyes. Amen