Thurs. March 26/15


Daily reflections: Thursday:: March 26/15


Gospel: John 8:51... as we journey through life a the topic that often come up is death and dying. It is our own state in life we may have already experience the death of a family member or a friend. We also know that we were born, we live, and we die. As the book of Ecclesiastes says, “there is a time to be born at a time to die “. And this is our reality. In today\'s Gospel we read that Jesus says “I tell you, whoever keeps my word will never see death”. Those words tell us there\'s no such thing as death, yes our body will die and that is part of our reality we as a person do not die, our spirit moves on to another way of living whatever that might be, for us it is a mystery. Yet we know the story of people who had a near death experience and they speak of it as a wonderful experience that takes away any fear of dieing. They talk about a tunnell of light, of great works in a tremendous experience of being loved, and it is so inviting that most do not want to return to their body and to this world. It seems to me that the word of Jesus is to reassure us that our journey on this earth will become complete, and we will lay aside our body, and move on to the next experience of living. At the present time we call this new experience life with God forever, or eternal life.


Reflection: do the words of Jesus speak to you today?


Prayer: Jesus, your words give us hope and comfort because were able to be aware that any of our family members or friends who have died after being alive here on earth move on to the next experience of living and being loved by God forever. Those words are intended to teach people that death does not have the last word but rather that at death life is changed not ended . Amen