Weds. March 25/15


Daily reflection: Wednesday: March 25/15   Annunciation of the.Lord


Gospel: Luke 1:26... the Annunciation is a story centered around Mary is a very powerful experience that an angel has appeared to her and announced that she will be called mother of a child who will be called Jesus. Probably as any young woman about to be married she had her own plans for the future.A home where she had chosen to live together and having a family and eventually grandchildren. Now life has been turned upside down for her. She is sitting on the horns of dilemma and she must lay awake at night wondering what shall I do, what will I say to this call from God. Eventually, guided by the spirit she made a decision and she said, “here am I, the servant of the lord; that it be done to me according to your word”. Those words of Mary have been spoken by many people down through the centuries. People felt the call of God, the disruption of their life, and then to come to a decision which was to either say yes or no to a call from God. I prayerfully looking at the words of Mary you come to a decision or choice, be it done to me according to your word. This has been their surrender to God\'s call to live out their choice with integrity and love.


Reflection: we all know hard for the life out of you resolve it?


Prayer Mary were faced with a very difficult decision, to follow the dream plans for your own life or to surrender all that puts your life in the hand of God. Many people have been inspired to imitate you when faced with the need to ponder and make a choice out of inspired by the very words, be done to me according to your word. Amen