Tues. March 24/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: March 24/15


Gospel: John 8:21... as we read the Gospel now we find it is recording what may have happen during what we call Holy Week. We first read that Jesus tells the people that he\'s going away and you will search for him.. Then we agree that the crowd did not understand that he was speaking to them, they did not understand what he was talking about. I get a sense of frustration on the part of Jesus, like any good teacher, he has his message, he lives it and speak so clearly, and the frustrating part is that the people do not get. This begs the question, do  the friends of Jesus really get the message today? There\'s also asked the question, do I get? It is easy to continue on what I am used to, to continue to hold the tradition without doing any kind of critical thinking and thinking for oneself. If people are doing vertical thinking and really getting to the heart of the matter that we would soon see that Christians everywhere would be united in their way of living and the a living sacrament pointing to the kingdom of God here on earth. A Catholic who does critical thinking will not be just a Sunday Catholic who is satisfied with going to Mass on the weekend, rather such a person will be a force for justice and peace, are you passionate and caring, for truth and reconciliation.


Reflection: if you were talking to Jesus today would you say to him, I get it?


Prayer: Jesus I can understand your frustration with the people of your time when they just didn\'t seem to get for whatever reason. Then I look at myself, I asked the same question, do I get it? I pray that the Spirit will continue to work in my heart and so that I can see more clearly the vision of Jesus and strengthened by the Spirit and have the courage to live what I see. Amen