Monday Mar.23/1`5


Daily reflections: Monday: March 23/15


Gospel: John 8:1... according to Jewish law at the time of Jesus it wouldn\'t commit adultery fair game for punishment. The scribes and Pharisees brought a woman to Jesus who was accused of committing adultery. The scribes and Pharisees remind Jesus of the law, that she should be punished by stoning, and they were testing him to see what his answer would be, when you obey the law or not. Jesus then tells a story, first he writes in the ground with his finger, we do not know what he wrote, he stood up and he said to them, “let anyone among you who is without sin be first to throw a stone at her”. Her accusers walked away one by one. There is a story which says that we should not throw stones at glass house. That is another say in the Gospel, judge not to bring up the judged, we see that Jesus never does anybody around racial tremendous compassion, he would love to see in a person\'s heart to see what they needed, and then he would minister to them so they would be healed and give them back their life once more. Jesus was always on the side of

new life, fresh beginning, a fresh start, even if it meant 70x7 as he told St. Peter.


Reflection: does this story help you to see yourself and how you react to people who do what is wrong?


Prayer: Jesus the compassionate one ,you came not to condemn but to save people from themselves be it their guilt, blame, or shame. You were serious when you say do not judge other people rather, as the Gospel said, see the log in your eye before worrying about the sliver in someone else\'s eye. It  takes compassionate heart to look at oneself first and other people second and I pray for the grace to imitate  Jesus when I am tempted to fall into judgment. Amen