Friday, Mar.20/15


Daily reflections: Friday, March 20/15


Gospel: John 7:1... this Gospel tells us that the story of Jesus is moving very quickly to his completion. We read that the Jewish leaders were looking for opportunity to kill him. It was the feast of the Booths and the people were going up to Jerusalem. Jesus did not go up with his friends, he waited and went up secretly and a lone. Many people were arguing that their religious leaders knew he was the Messiah bought were keeping it as a secret away from the ordinary people. In the context of this tension, disagreements and conflicts, Jesus gave his true identity when he said; “I am”. We see that Jesus did not arrive at his identity by talking about his achievements, his possessions, but rather the very fact that he is identity was best expressed in the words I am. This was a great revelation to the people at the time and even today when we search for identity do we want to see based on what we have accomplished, our successes, our material possessions, our wealth,... or other kinds of attachments. Keep in mind that these kind of things are simply on the peripheral of life. For those who have a consciousness raised are able to speak their true identity which is, ”I am”. And we recognize that our enemy is I am and that other people’s identity is I am never able to complete it by saying, “we are” and this completes the circle of life. It helps us to see that we are truly connected with every person on planet Earth and there is no separation based on the superficial or the faults.


Reflection: when you meet a stranger do you ask the question, what do you do? Or, who are you?


Prayer: Jesus with your I am you help me to claim my own identity and  with my own I am. It also asked me to look at other people whose identity is I am to complete the circle by saying we are. I trust the grace of God which will enable me to live my identity and my connections to all other people based on their I am. Amen