Monday, March 16/15


Daily reflections: Monday, March 16/15


Gospel John 4:43... at the time of Jesus, and he was a full-fledged Jew, the Jewish nation that closed its borders to people who are not Jewish. In particular we would not offer any kind of hospitality or ministry to the Gentiles, it just was not done. Yet in this gospel Jesus shows that God is for everybody and not just the chosen. The royal official came from the city of Capernaum, he is the Gentile and therefore outside the chosen ones, yet our love for his son who is ill he approaches Jesus hoping and praying for a healing. Eventually Jesus said to the father, “Go your son will live”. This is only one of the places in which Jesus showed that he was for everybody without exception, no one is excluded from his hospitality or healing ministry. When Jesus came to large crowds begin mass who was Jewish and who was Gentile but rather he that all the people. This is a real breakthrough which turns the social order upside down and inside out. There are no chosen, and none are to be rejected. The mind of God is one of inclusivity and Jesus shows very clearly that God loves everyone and everyone is called to live with the awareness that they are loved by God.


Reflection: do you ever struggle with including some with different  race, sexual orientation, religion?


Prayer:: Jesus, you showed very clearly that you had a big heart and it is big enough to include everyone. In our world today there is so much discrimination, there is separation, for those who struggle for superiority in order that there will be other people who are inferior... and so separation takes place, and the very plan of God is that all be one. I know that my call, by: Jesus, is to see us as one and to break down the barriers that separate us one from another. Amen