Friday, March 13/15


Daily reflections: Friday: March 13/15


Gospel Mark 12:28... the people and religious leaders recognize Jesus as a very wise and practical teacher. In this Gospel a scribe asks Jesus, which is the first commandment of all. This would be a long-standing debate among service clients and Pharisees and of course this scribe wishes to trap Jesus if he takes one side or the other. However, Jesus in his wisdom is able to out smart the scribe and bring forth the answer which everybody knew but did not live. Jesus replied with very simple, ”you shall love God with all your heart and soul and love your neighbor as yourself” and in the mind of Jesus this was the greatest commandment of all. Since then, the religious leaders of our time have done the very same thing that they did at the time of Jesus... brought forward more rules and regulations and we know that many of those in absolutely nothing to do loving God and loving our neighbor.


Reflection: are you able to sort out rules and regulations that do nothing for your relationship with God and Jesus?


Prayer: Holy Spirit, you\'ll given us the gift of wisdom and discernment that we might be able to see clearly the truth of Jesus teaching. I know that you will help me to know what is from Jesus and what is a human origin. Amen