Thursday. March 12/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: March 12/15


Gospel Luke 11:14... in this gospel Jesus comes in contact with a person who is mute, unable to speak. Can you imagine how difficult life was for this person, unable to talk to his family, unable to talk to the neighbors, unable to express himself whether happy or sad, in a very real way he was caught off from social relationships. Because before Jesus was hoping his heart that Jesus will heal him and give him back the power to speak. We read that Jesus moved by compassion heals him and now he has a voice and is able to use that voice to develop and mature relationships, to make his needs and wants heard, and being able to use his voice is able once more to rejoin the community and life will be so different for him. As in the days of Jesus, so today, there are many who are voiceless, many women feel that they do not have a voice in politics or in religion, many poor people living on social assistance feeling of no voice in politics, there are so many voiceless people today need to be healed and empower to speak and raise their voice and to be heard, also, we who can speak me to hear the voices of those who have been kept silent. Communication is vital in a committee, in a family, and in religion.


Reflection: do you feel empowered and that you have a voice that is heard?


Prayer: Jesus the healer, you empowered people who felt they had no voice and as a result these people could now speak up and be heard. I pray that we who can speak that we also listen so we can hear the voices of those who have been disempowered by our culture and by our religion. Amen