Weds., Mar.11/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: March 11/15


Gospel: Matthew 5:17... in this gospel we find Jesus up on a mountain which is symbolic of him teaching something very important. Jesus makes it very clear to his disciples that he is not here to tear down but the move their religion forward in order to bring about renewal and correct where there is a need for correction. Jesus is getting some new teachings, for example, the sermon on the Mount, necessity to forgive and be reconciled, the love of enemies, the sharing the poor and hungry, the loving of God and the loving a neighbor. Then Jesus goes on to say “whoever does what I teach them and teach others the same thing will be called great in the kingdom of heaven “. Jesus made it very clear that religion had to be so genuine that it gave hope to people especially those who are suffering from oppression and poverty. It was not meant to be an institution that glorified beautiful churches, rich vessels, and all other kinds of adornments. Authentic religion was meant to help people live the gift of life especially reaching out to poor in the homeless.


Reflection: as you reflect on your religion how close it is a little teachings of Jesus?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you always practiced what you preach and so people saw your example and as a result they trust your words. I pray that I will be able to live a life after your example than my words carry truth and credibility. Amen