Monday, March 9/15


 Monday: March 9/15


Gospel: Luke 4:24... this is a really interesting gospel that asks the question, can you go home again? In this gospel Jesus went home to Nazareth and as was his custom you went to the local synagogue and stood up and began to teach and preach. Jesus made a reference to the story where Naaman of the Syrian came up to see the property Elijah and was healed of his leprosy. The people were offended that Jesus would show that God could work the late of a non-Jew and executing healing to that person. Most of his audience felt that God was only for them and no one else, and yet Jesus would tell them that God is loving everybody without exception, even loving their enemies, and this was just too much for them to stomach. We We read that the audience was filled with rage and drove Jesus out of town.


Reflection: do you ever feel angry at what you hear from the preacher?


Prayer: Jesus, this is one instance where you suffered rejection and violence against your person. Yet you held your peace and continue to show your love for those people. I see that at no time did you become angry or retaliate. I know it\'s only by the grace of God, that when I experience any kind of hurt from an other, that I am able to hold on to my peace and continue to love the one hurt me. Amen