Friday, March 6/15


Daily reflections: Friday: March 6/15


Gospel: Luke 16:19... this passage we can see how disappointed Jesus was that many people, especially religious leaders, just didn\'t get it. “The get it”was that they did not see or understand that Jesus was trying to reform their religion. At that point in time religion was very much room from the top down, it was very legalistic, and very punitive, all the things which offend the Jesus because they talk about the kingdom of God it was a kingdom of love, compassion, kindness, justice and community. As a result Jesus gave them a warning that if they did not open our hearts and minds to hear him and to act on them there was the risks that the kingdom would be taken away from them and given to someone else. History shows us that is what happened and how that came Christianity. This poses the question, are we in the same situation today? As religion reach the point where self perpetuation is the main goal of religion and therefore insist on orthodoxy, obedience to rules, and there is a failure to show inclusivity and compassion reaching out to the poor and the marginalized?


Reflection: how do you see your religion today?


Prayer: Jesus, you warn the religious leaders of your day shape up and listen up and renew their religion or else God would take it away from them altogether. As friends of Jesus we must have the courage to take a good look at what is happening with religion today and where is there need for reform and genuine renewal. Amen