Thursday, March 5/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: March 5/15


Gospel Luke 16:19... in this Gospel Jesus tells the story of those among the Pharisees who love money. Then there is the story of the rich man who has everything and Lazarus was nothing. Then Jesus speaks about the great chasm the separates the rich man and the poor man indicates that no one I can close that gap. When we got our world today we certainly see the broadening gap between the rich and the poor. I chasm cannot be close because the rich people do not realize what it\'s like to be poor and though they continue to accumulate money and the use of money pleasure or simply to put away and save it. On the other hand, the poor man knows that he is so far away from the rich man that he can never hope to have the rich man even consider him and share some of his money so if you buy the necessities of life. This story certainly highlights of those who are wealthy and wish to become richer and richer are blind to the poverty of so many people. Also, those who live in poverty often do so with despair a loss of hope, many simply give up and try to do their best to survive. For the very wealthy their god is money and we know that Jesus is very clear that you cannot serve God and money, a person has to choose.


Reflection what do you make of this story?


Prayer: God of justice, I realize it is a very hard and difficult teaching which we find in today\'s Gospel. It is so tempting to be attracted to money and what money can buy our way to the good life. It reminds me, and everyone, that we must make a sincere effort to close the gap between the rich and the poor and the failure to do so reveals a  mind that fails to take your teachings seriously. Amen