Weds.March 4/15


Daily reflection: Wednesday, March 4/15


Gospel Matthew 20:17... the disciples have been traveling with Jesus for several years and I\'m sure Jesus had a whole that they had heard and caught his message about humility. However, today\'s gospel shows that they had failed to do so. Two of them, send their mother to ask Jesus for a favor, which was that they might sit at his right and left where there would be power and prestige, where they would feel superior and more important then the rest of the disciples. Jesus was taken aback by this request and Jesus said to her you really don\'t know what you\'re asking for because that\'s not the way it is to be. Jesus basically tells her, and her two sons, that there will be no important because he is going to be arrested, put on trial, condemned to death, and die on the cross on Good Friday. We read that the other 10 disciples were angry when they heard about this because they were secretly hoping for the same thing. This speaks other human desire to be important, to be superior to other people, and  live on the inner circle. Jesus was a humble person and he expected that his friends and also Jewish humility in order to break the cycle of superior and inferior.


Reflection: are you able to say that you never desired a position to make yourself look better than others?


Prayer: Jesus you are a very humble man and you never showed a desire for rewards, self deception, for superiority in order to make others feel inferior. I pray that with the help of the Spirit I can imitate you and live my truth with humility. Amen