March 3/15 Tuesday


Daily reflections: Tuesday: March 3/15


Gospel: Matthew 23:1... Jesus put forth a lot of effort to purify his religion of the day. It had a lot of good characteristics to it at the same time it had many flaws. Those flaws often scandalized the people who really wanted a relationship with God. For example, the religious leaders ought to put on a big show about being religious, they would make a display of praying in public, wearing religious garments, and wanting the place of honor at banquets. It seems that pride in their lofty positions in a really captured them. As a result Jesus said to the people, “ those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted”. It seems that one of the human desires is to be somebody  important and very often people go to great length to show that they are superior to other people and that other people are inferior to them. Yet we have the example of Jesus lived a very home life and of no worry about his reputation or his image among people especially the religious leaders.


Reflection: do you work at feeling important?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, I read in the Gospels that you were a very horrible man and you put service as the main characteristic of those who called themselves friends of Jesus. I pray that with the help of God\'s grace I will not try to create a false image of being superior but rather be more concerned about serving people with love and compassion. Amen