Monday, March 2/15


Daily reflections: Monday: March 2/15


Gospel: Luke 6:36... Jesus always challenges followers to be God like. Jesus has given us an example as we can say about him he gave gone very well. It is looking at the life of Jesus that we see how God\'s people are to live their life. Jesus was not a moralist nor did he teach morality but rather showed people how to live creative and life-giving relationships. He always stressed relationship as a way of living like the people of God. In today\'s Gospel Jesus shows us some dimensions of how we are to live our relationship, for example he says,” be compassionate as God is compassionate, do not judge or condemn, forgive and be reconciled,”. Jesus with teach us some of the characteristics of healthy and loving relationships that would give life to one another and make life peaceful and enjoyable.


Reflection: do you find these instructions of Jesus evident in your relationships?


Prayer: Jesus, you not only taught us how to live in order to have healthy relationships but you also showed us the way in your own lifestyle. I certainly see that there are areas in which I need to improve and correct my behavior and for that I pray for healing in my heart and soul. Amen