Weds. Feb.25/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: February 25/15


Gospel: Luke 11:29... in the beginning of his ministry Jesus quickly attracted large crowds, his words were words of encouragement, words of hope, a God of unconditional love, and words that made everyone welcome. However, this was not enough for the people and they ask for a sign, a miracle, the idea being that if Jesus preformed a miracle then they would belief in him and his message. Jesus makes reference to Jonah and the town of Nineveh where Jonah went to preach repentance to the people and the people to the heart the words of Jonah and repented. Then Jesus said to them “see, something greater than Jonah is here!” Jesus is referring to himself and unlike Jonah he was not preaching a punitive God who would destroy a city because people did not repent. Jesus never threatened anybody with punishment although at times he did warn them that if they continue on their path they would destroy themselves. Jesus was consistent, he loved people unconditionally, you show that God was a God who love people unconditionally, that God was not judgmental or punitive. Sometimes it seems that the message of fear frightens people into coming to God, this is not the way of Jesus, the way of Jesus is love, love, and love.


Reflection: what is it that attracts you to God and Jesus?


Prayer: Jesus, you were always a loving and compassionate person and you trusted in love to touch the hearts of people and turn their hearts to God. It seems I need to meditate on Jesus and trust love and compassion to bring change to our world map is often filled with hatred and discrimination and rejection of God. Amen