Tues. Feb. 23/15


Daily reflection Tuesday: February 24/15


Gospel: Matthew 6:7... while the most popular spiritual practices of Catholics is saying prayers, and the most common prayer that is said is the prayer of petition. It seems a person needs something than the tendency is to turn to God and ask for help, and happen when there\'s illness, when one is unemployed, when one is troubled, when there\'s difficulty in relationships, then there\'s a prayer for God to intervene. Very often, there is a multitude of saying prayers even appealing to some say maybe with God to get what one needs. One day, Jesus was teaching his disciples and he made reference, “to people praying and heaping empty phrases to God”. Jesus tells his disciples that there is another way of saying prayers, this all the way of praying, Jesus tells them, is the fact that, ”God knows what you need before you him”. This is a quite different starting point than telling God what you need since God already knows what you need and what you want. Then Jesus gives them a beautiful prayer which we call the Lord\'s prayer which begins with the words Our Father. When Jesus prayed he always used the term My Father which indicated his relationship with God and God with him and a good trust God and as a result of this Jesus sat in silence before God and waited on God. One saint has written that the only prayer we need to make the God is thank you and this is done because of trusting God and surrendering to God\'s will in all things.


Reflection: does this teaching of Jesus say anything to you about your prayer life?


Prayer: Jesus, when it came to prayer you are a man of few words, you place yourself in the presence of God, you wait God as your heavenly Father, and then with complete trust in God you waited. I have to learn to use fewer words and more silence as a form of prayer. Amen