Thurs. Feb.19/15


Daily reflections: Thursday, February 19/15


Gospel Luke 9:22... as we begin our second journey calls us to be very attentive to the reality of living a life on planet Earth. There is a natural desire to only experience good thing, good career, good job, good friends, and good health, and for the most part most people do experience those kind of gifts. However, there is the other side of life experiences which are not so easy to excite and in today\'s Gospel Jesus says, “and you want to become my follower take up your cross daily and follow me”. Jesus is not telling anyone to see the cross symbolic of suffering, but what he has telling us is that life includes suffering of various kinds. Many people find this hard to reconcile with their idea of a God of love and power. Many expect God to protect them from all kinds of suffering especially if they\'re good people. That\'s not the way it works. Suffering and are the price we pay for being human and capable of loving other people where there is often sickness, death, betrayal, failure etc.


Reflection: what do you think of the statement, that pain is the rent we pay for being human?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, you went to Jerusalem and there you experience rejection, a false trial, sentenced to death and finally death of the cross. With this in mind you\'re taught us that along with the good things in life there is necessary suffering, the cross, just like Jesus. Amen.