Friday Feb.13/15


Daily reflections: Friday: February 13/15


Gospel: Mark 7/31... in today\'s Gospel we read of  the compassion of Jesus, that people bring to him a deaf man hoping and praying that Jesus will restore his hearing. They are not disappointed, Jesus move by compassion, open his ears so that he could hear once more. Naturally, the man was overjoyed now that he was able to hear the voice of his family and friends. The natural impulse is to tell everybody so they can share his joy. Jesus then said to them, “tell no one”. The reason for this present Jesus did not want people to become his followers simply because they saw a miracle, the response to Jesus call was meant to be as result of coming to believe and willingness to live the message of Jesus. Then only then would Jesus have them as a follower.


Reflection: can you verbalize your reason for claiming to be a friend of Jesus?


Prayer: Jesus, your desire was that people would become your follower out of conviction and not some spectacular event. This reminds me that my friendship with Jesus must be a matter of the heart and be motivated by my love for you and for God. Amen