Thurs. Feb.12/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: February 12/15


Gospel: Mark 7:24... Jesus lived a very hectic life and it was often very emotionally draining. It would have been very tempting for Jesus to continue on ministering to people even when his tank was empty. Often when people care deeply about other people and their pain, their compassion rules the day, and the over extend themselves. Jesus did not do this and we read in today\'s Gospel, “Jesus entered a house and did not want anyone to know he was there”. Jesus chose to pull back from active ministry, take care of himself, listened to his emotions and take care of his fatigue and other feelings that were bothering him. This is a good example for people today not to over extend themselves, or to be driven by a need to be popular, or driven by a need to succeed, or living in denial that they are emotionally draining.


Reflection: do you over extend yourself in activities or do you take time to  re-energized yourself?


Prayer: Jesus, you were a very sensible man and you knew when it was time for you to stop your activities, pull aside, and take care of yourself. , yet you model for all of us living a busy life, to stop, to pull aside, and  to take care of ourselves first or the time will come when we are no help to anybody. Amen