Weds. Feb. 11/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: February 11/15


Gospel: Mark 7:14... in this gospel Jesus is getting a teaching about a person\'s spirituality. According to his religion spirituality was observing external rules, rituals, and regulations. For example, before people came to eat a meal they had to wash their hands up to the elbow, the dishes had to be washed, and the foods prepared in a very special way. If one of them failed to do this then they were put into judgment. However, Jesus taught his spirituality of the heart and not on external. He said, “there is nothing outside a person that by going in can defile, but things that come out are what defile”, he gave some examples of external defilment evil intentions, theft, murder, avarice, pride, these things he said defile. Jesus teaching that Christian spirituality is not up but down into one\'s heart and ones center and there to awaken to the reality of God indwelling presence and develop a relationship of love with God.




Reflection: would you say that your spirituality is down to your center and not up to an external God?


Prayer: Jesus, the Gospels portray a man with an  rich and deep spirituality which flowed out of a relationship with an indwelling presence of God. I realize of my spirituality must be one of the heart and the spiritual path is down and into my center through meditation, contemplation or lecto divina. A man