thurs. Feb.5/15


Daily reflection: Thursday: February 5/15


Gospel: Mark 6:7... the disciples who followed Jesus were in the training process so that they would be able to carry on the mission of Jesus. Jesus never sent them out one by one, but rather in today\'s Gospel, he sends them out two by two, in order that they would have a traveling companion and each one would experience support and give support to the other. Jesus was against the Lone Ranger type of teacher. Jesus formed community his  intention was that by sending them out two by two they would have a small community. And also, 2 x 2 or more authentically speak for the wider community. Also, when they returned and reported to Jesus on their success it built their self confidence and so would foster their growth and a sense that they could indeed carry on the Ministry of Jesus.


Reflection: when you speak of Jesus and the things of Jesus do you prefer to do this alone or with another?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, you always emphasize the importance of community and anyone who acted in your name should be deeply rooted in the faith community. It is my intention to always build relationships in the faith community so when I speak I do so with the permission and support of the community. Amen